Santiago de Chile | 2013

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We want to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, delivering quality and prompt recovery of their materials, so they do not become lost.


We deliver industrial recycling service of plastics for third parties, post-industrial polyethylene and polypropylene. This returns the top quality material to the industry, making significant cost cuts for our clients.

For this we have the proper equipment and skilled workers for the job, ensuring our customers total satisfaction.


Our Commitment and values aim to contribute to society and the environment for a better tomorrow.

We guarantee deliveries and processes;this means that we guarantee that the materials will be treated with the highest technical standards. We have the experience and knowledge behind us for 40 years in the manufacture of PVC compounds for any use and processing.

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Reduce: actions to reduce the production of objects that could become waste.

Reuse: actions that allow the re-use of a particular product to give it a second life, with the same or a different use.

Recycle: the set of operations, Waste collection and processing that allow it’s reintroduction into a life cycle.

Ferroplast is a company engaged in the business of recycling, grinding and processing of compounds.

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PVC manufacturing and compounds

For this we have the proper equipment and skilled workers for this job. Assuring our customers total satisfaction.

Customers who already work with us on this form fully rely on our experience and integrity, as they have found that this service is one hundred percent reliable and efficient.

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Let's work together

Ferroplast is the first point of contact for demanding product solutions in the plastics recycling industry.

Our goal is to establish new and successful partnerships. Ferroplast is synonymous with openness and customer service. This has been the philosophy of the company since its inception and is also the key to its success.

We are always near you to offer our customers the best possible service. Ferroplast is distinguished by its superior quality, robustness and reliability of its operation.

We guarantee our customers the advantage in the market in a variety of ways through modern technology, experience and vision.